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1701 [1]I am a new to this Million blog List.I am a 12 years old blogger/boy.Hope you all like my blog!^^
1702 Snake's Poetry I am a fifty year old retired physician with a poetry blog
1703 Yellow Blog Journalism Dad blog, EMT, Catholic, Married, Obviously unhinged.
1704 [2] Life coach and mother of 5 inspires women and mom to be their best.
1705 Buckets - We are 23/24, beginning careers, and are turning Personal Finance upside-down.The purpose of this personal finance blog is to show our progress out of student loan debt and to share and learn along the way.
1706 Underneath the StarsThe Life of a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious college girl.
1707 in Transit...Burnin' Quills, Spillin' Ink. Knowledge is my addiciton and I'm getting high off my own supply.
1708[3]A blog by a 12 yrs old blogger,me.Check it out its cool!!!
1709 Indian Make-up Diva This blog is by a South Asian and is geared towards make-up, skin care, Bollywood fashion/style/make-up, make-up artist interviews and more.
1710 BUNS NO LIFE A blog that is centric on the Weird, the Funny, the World, Girls and movies critic. Oh yes, we are from Singapore too.
1711 [4]Beauty, Fashion and Women's issues. Join us :)
1712 [5]I am a new to this Million blog List.I am a 12 years old blogger/boy.Hope you all like my blog!^^:1713 Light A blog shared by two sisters, painter and poet, who collaborate.
1714 N Such By Anna Just Your Average Camera Happy Woman, who loves to take pictures. This blog was created to share my photos and anything else I can think of. :)
1715 Am LynnWithBrain A blog that talks about everything - music, fun, life experience, personal life, etc. Visit me! :D
1716 in a Bottle Started for my english course, but it has become the occasion of great language learning.
1717 Book Reviews" A blog that reviews Barefoot Books products, gifts and arts!
1718 Teacher in Massachusetts" A blog about a Filipino teacher's life in massachusetts
1719 Grow to Love Me" A blog with no rhyme or reason except my thoughts and opinions.
1720 centre" Profit from turning problems into innovations
1721 road, as I travel it" My thoughts, ponderings, learnings and awakenings as I travel my road
1722 of a Goddess Knowledge comes from finding the answers to your questions. Wisdom comes from understanding what it means.
1723 were we thinking A mum of 3's crafty/reflections blog.
1724 A S H W O R D S One woman's words, wonderings, and wanderings in Washington, D.C.
1725 YOURSELF What's best of a blogger? Well, that is to be your own self and not trying to follow the others=)
1726 :: Broken Mirror A million shades of light with that Cool and Alternative look.
1727 [6]- Fastest Growing Jobsite at the moment in Malaysia with Web 2.0 design and best user friendly features.
1728 [7] exchange of anything strange daily brewed
1729 Angels Fall Random thoughts, randoms rants, released from my brain, most of the unprocessed.
1730 Crap and You'll Clap! <b> This is my life, my CRAP! Promise me you'll CLAP for it alright?</b>
1731 LifeMenLove Title is self-explanatory. =)
1732 [8] my.dgtlcrbrtn 'Know your Leeo'
1733 Book QueenThoughts of a Northeast Kingdom Vermont Bookseller
1734 & his Chocolates Singapore's WillyWonka...
1735 Paid To Write Online Mentoring for freelance writers
1736 [9]I am a new to this Million blog List.I am a 12 years old blogger/boy.Hope you all like my blog!^^
1737 [10]
1738 [11] Crazy Busy Mom of Two
1739 Host in the Shell Mike Holownych, a webpreneur which shares full failures and life to his roads to success. Make money online topics include blogging, internet marketing, web hosting and much more!
1740 Soul Like a Spider A blog about the little and the sublime. Everything from jetlag to china plates, from sunlight to dragons, from overheard conversations to everything a noiseless, patient spider might talk about.
1741 CznyDesignsParenting, designing & In Between
1742 edictoflove Someone who writes down what she thinks in her blog.
1743 sewlovesew So love sew that a blog is created.
1744 Marie's Lil Crumplets
1745 pervertism101 A culinary student experiencing an interesting college life and experiencing how life is and what it has in store.
1746 [12]creative flash design
1747 [13]Where books are free. There's no shipping, no hidden charges; they're actually free!
1748 [14] Just say these words, that's what my 3 years old always tells me, usually right after he ask if I am getting it.
1749 [15] A blog about a teen's boring life. Daphne♥, (:
1750 Quick Online Tips - Technology, Blogging, New media, Web 2.0
1751 [16] Under a Blanket Of Indigo Bubbles, my bizarre story
1752 [17] Planet Misty - i live in my own little world
1753 [18] the backpack boy - a travelog of a Technology Specialist
1754 wish-For-More Rantings of a Singaporean Student
1755 [http://travel-grorgia.blogspot.com/ Useful information, Tours, Hotels and Photos about Georgia
1756 Miss Write | Writing Tips and Jobs - Come join me as I navigate through the pitfalls and successes of writing for a living. Includes tips and job opportunities for aspiring writers.
1757 [19] Fresh thoughts on life...
1756 [20] words from my mind
1759 [21]I am a new to this Million blog List.I am a 12 years old blogger/boy.Hope you all like my blog!^^
1760 Baboyita - Diary of a frustrated writer/ musician/popstar and the future Mrs. Jason Mraz.
1761 [22] hangelbel's work from home
1762 [23] Everything is funny when it happens to someone else.
1763 [24] There really is no need for a title.... yongwei
1764 [25] About Album Art and other iPod and iTune stuff
1765 [26] Stuff about my life
1766 [27] Jiggling to all things web in my web design industry
1767 Small & Big - An amusing story lightens someone's day. I'm not always successful at writing one myself but, Hey.
1768 [28] - The site for Kalinga's culture and tradition.
1769 [29] - Baubles of short stories, poems, essays,and quotations.
1770 [30] - life, love, learning, health and the thoughts in between
1771 Open Hatch - Original art and music, politics, religion, blather, funny stuff, anything
1772 Stir-Crazy!-A look into the everyday and not so everyday life of a SAHM of 2 boys. Also--reviews, giveaways, and blogs for family-friendly products.
1773 GUD Magazine Staff Blog-GUD (pronounced "good") is Greatest Uncommon Denominator, a print/pdf magazine with two hundred pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, art, and articles.
1774 GUD Magazine Reviews Blog-GUD Magazine reviews small press offerings (chapbooks, novels, magazines, websites). Reader feedback says we're honest, if maybe harsh at times.
1775 Your Fun Family Crafts, Recipes, Science Experiments, Reviews, Fun and Games.
1776 [31] - A satirical list of everything truly Malaysian!

A simple teenage girl's blog.

1776 [32] - A 100% real blog.
1777 [33] - A blog about my personal views
1778 [34] - Green energy center
1779 [35] - simplyshawn's blog. the true meaning of simplicity.
1780 [36] - www.shyra.wordpress.com features the motivational quote/word/videos of the day, original poems & songs, news stories, personal stories, funny stories, random blurbs and cool site links.
1781 Australian SEO Blog - ramblings from an SEO company Product Manager.
1782 Technically Easy - Provides information on technology in use today.
1783 [37]- Its me against the world :D
1784 Wazzup Manila Philippines Manila Philippines latest news, trends and travel info.
1785 Strawberrycouture's Stitchin' Stuff http://www.strawberrycouture.blogspot.com ---Corpus Chr, Texas, USA ---Buy Handmade Yarn Crochet 1920's French Fashion Hats---visit my Etsy shop---[38]
1786 Carole's Thoughtful Spot A mom's witty take on life. I cover everything from politics, to ice cream, to Joe Jonas' oversize eyebrows.
1787 [39] - 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires - A WAHM's blog and home of the Tuesday blog meme "Silly Monkey Stories."
1788 Skoyu Blog of A Web Enthusiast. Blogging, Personal Development and Graphics Design.
1789 [40] Self Indulgence at its highest level.
1790 http://firststepsonline.blogspot.com All about kids
1791 [41] www.finishwriting.com Aspiring writers share their experiences and tips with the writing community. Come join us.
1792 [42] ::| j3yZs0N!c |:: Whatever stuck in your head just leave it here! ROCK IN!!!
463 [43] This is a cool site.
1793 http://ideafest.blgospot.com/ Its all about innovation.
1794 http://astaqauliyah.com - Daily Journal, Medical Info, Blog Advertising Tips
1794 Dude World Order - Times are a changing. Dude World Order FOREVER!
1795 Top Secret Riches Finance Magazines Galore. Stay current with all the happenings around the finance world.
1796 Blog Tambayan Sharing thoughts and ideas on how to improve our marketing abilities and money by using your blog... And creating a community for bloggers...
1797 kuE This blog is about the life of kuE
1798 [44] Mystere Definition - Your Way To Success
1799 [45] Everything about Singapore
1800 Christinchen's Soapbox This blog is my personal blog. Life of a 30-something mom of 5 children, a Filipina-German "living" in the Philippines, in the province of Pangasinan. I blog about my children, my musings on life, my genealogy finds on my German surname, my town, my province, my life experience as I recall, and more...
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